Polymer Innovations, Inc. specializes in supplying products and services related to the use of polymers in the electronics industry. PII and its personnel have acquired decades of experience in tape casting formulation, ceramic processing and paste formulation. Polymer Innovations has the experienced staff and and laboratory facilities for both your consulting and formulation needs.



Polymer Innovations Inc. offers the following Services:


• Consulting Services (Processes, Materials, Development, etc)

• Ceramic Tape/Slurry Formulation

• Paste Formulation
• Prototyping and Process Design/Engineering
• Toll Manufacturing of Customer Formulas (Tape Casting, Electrode Pastes, Polymer Pastes, etc.)
• MLCC Process Support
• Electrode Paste Manufacturing
• Precious Metal Pastes

• Thick Film Screen Printing Pastes

• Lithium Ion Conducting Ceramics

• Adhesives

• Cut Line Pastes
• PCB Legend Marking Epoxy Printing Pastes
• Water Based Binder Implementation

• Design/Manufacture of Multi Layer Ceramic Structures & Devices (capacitors, piezo devices, inductors, fuses, lithium ion conducting ceramics, etc)

• Design/Manufacture of LTCC and HTCC Ceramic Tapes & Structures

• Design/ Manufacture of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Many Others...
• Ceramic Tape Testing & Evaluation (Dispersion, Green Density, Porosity, Strength & Flexibility, Uniformity, Adhesion to Casting Substrate, Ease of Lamination, Powder Density Measure, etc.)

• Slurry Formulation & Trouble Shooting (Ingredient Optimization, Dispersant Evaluation, Drying Rates, Critical Pigment Loading Curves, Milling Time Studies, Green & Fired Density Curves, Tailoring of Lamination Characteristics, Adhesion to Cast Surface Modification, Surface Tension Modification, Counteraction of Ceramic Binder Interactions, Defect Reduction, Cracking, etc)

• Process Review (Milling Methods, Casting Methods, Agglomerate Filtration, Burnout & Firing, Lamination Parameters, etc)
• Product Support (Vehicles, Electrodes, Termination, Polymer Thick Film, Ceramic Binders, PVB Binder Modifiers, etc)

• Thick & Thin Tape Casting on Steel Belt or Mylar (2 microns to > 1mm )

• Professional Product Support & Technical Assistance
• Ceramic Sintering
• Sintering Studies



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