Water Based Tape Casting Demonstration Kit



Demonstration Kit Uses & Purpose:


The Demo Kit will allow you to work with PII’s water based binder system and gain some practical experience in a successful way. This is designed to be a kit that not only gets you 'hands-on' experience, but also helps with your tape casting formulation development. Besides 2 liters of WB4101 and several other popular additives in sufficient quantities, you will also get a proven formula for producing alumina tape, detailed instructions on how to proceed from start to finish and a handful of literature and data on the included CD. We'll also provide you with a sample of standard Almatis 16SG alumina powder and samples of thick & thin PII cast tape to decrease the variability in your first trials. 



Water Based Tape Casting with WB4101 is not difficult but there are certain differences to consider when compared to solvent based tape casting.  As such, it has proven very helpful for any customers new to water based tape casting (or tape casting in general) to use our Demonstration Kit to duplicate a known formula & ceramic powder complete with instructions. In this way the customer will see how the process and product should look and can compare it to tape made with the same formula at Polymer Innovations, Inc.  If any problems arise it would suggest issues with the process rather than the formula.  If a customer does not run a known formula & ceramic and problems arise it is far more difficult to determine if the issues are related to the formula or the process.  After a successful trial of the known formula, the customer can substitute their ceramic powder of interest for alumina in the same formula. More specifically, this is done by substituting the desired ceramic for alumina and making the appropriate corrections to yield the same effective volume of ceramic in the formula (see concepts as explained in our Formulation Principles Guide). If tape characteristics are not as desired, the formula might need to be adjusted. The previously mentioned formulation principles can be a helpful in making formulation adjustments and/or Polymer Innovations, Inc. can also be contacted for advice.


The presentation which accompanies the Tape Casting Demonstration Kit contains lots of useful information and step-by-step procedures with pictures. The Demo Kit Presentation can be viewed HERE and a THICK Casting Demo Kit Presentation utilizing our TK additives can be viewed HERE. Also, the 8oz ball mill jar with Zirconia media used in the Presentation is available for purchase from PII to help eliminate variables and reproduce proven results.



To obtain a Water Based Tape Casting Demonstration Kit including our THICK casting additives, please e-mail a request to: info@polymerinnovations.com



Don’t hesitate to come back to the PII team of tape casting experts for technical advice and/or recommendations.
If for any reason you have more sophisticated or unusual powder types to process, or you need faster implementation on your project, and/or expert opinion is required, please note that PII has a long and successful track record in custom development and formula design fit to customer's specific needs. We will be happy to start a project for you on a consultation basis to help you reach your targets quickly and successfully.




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PII Water Based Tape Casting Demonstration Kit