Established in 1996, Polymer Innovations, Inc. specializes in supplying products and services related to the use of polymers in the electronics industry. Areas of specialization include ceramic tape casting and thick film printing pastes. Polymer Innovations (PII) has the experienced staff and and laboratory facilities for all of your consulting, formulation and manufacturing needs.


PII is focused on water-based tape casting technologies as well as polymer science solutions for the electronics, medical, and energy fields and beyond. We are leading experts in tape casting, formulation & development of green tapes, process & sintering optimization as well as the general use of organic polymers. We also specialize in multi layer device development, product prototyping and scale up procedures.


Polymer Innovations, Inc. and its personnel have acquired decades of experience in tape casting formulation and ceramic processing. We have witnessed the drive for more environmentally friendly and non-hazardous products so we've developed and manufacture the world’s best water-based tape casting binder, WB4101.  Our water based binders exhibit superior performance over solvent-based products, without the hassles of flammability, harsh odor or product stewardship issues. WB4101 and other products in our water based binder product line have been qualified and utilized in mass production by numerous customers around the world for almost 2 decades.  The WB40- binder series has been successfully implemented for a number of applications including the manufacture of electronic components such as capacitors, fuses, piezo devices and inductors; LTCC and HTCC ceramic tapes and structures; lithium ion conducting solid electrolytes, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and many others.



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Polymer Innovations Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, ISO certificate can be viewed HERE.



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