Paste Modifiers




Polymer Innovations offers a line of specialty additives designed to improve the qualities of termination and screen printing pastes.







TX001 is a thixotropic paste which serves two functions; its main purpose is to increase the low shear viscosity and thixotropic nature of the paste, and also contains an inorganic additive designed to promote a more controlled sintering of the metal powders added to pastes. This controlled sintering helps prevent firing blisters, increases fired density and can help with final fired coverage of chip corners and edges. In termination pastes, TX001 addition does not hamper the initial wetting of the paste during the dipping operation, but it does allow the paste viscosity to go up when the paste comes to rest keeping termination end bands straight and prevents excess sagging during drying.






TX003 is an all organic thixotropic paste designed to increase thixotropy without changing sintering characteristics. TX003 should be incorporated through 3 roll milling into the paste, and it is best to let the paste sit for approximately 16 hours to let the viscosity stabilize before measurement. A typical usage level for TX003 is approximately .5 to 2.5% volume weight of the paste, varying by application and desired paste characteristics.






DS007 is an all organic additive which has very effective dispersing qualities for paste making and burns out cleanly in any atmosphere.






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