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Polymer Innovations, Inc. is a global provider of solutions for the electronic components industry, established in 1996 and headquartered in San Diego, California, USA.


Polymer Innovations specializes in supplying products and consulting services related to the use of polymers in the electronics industry. Areas of specialization relate to ceramic tape casting and thick film printing pastes.

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Polymer Innovations has the experienced staff and laboratory facilities for both your consulting and formulation needs, as well as a team of distinguished Tape Casting Professionals and Solutions Providers.

Polymer Innovations Inc. is proud to announce the MLCB®

MLCB, or Multi-Layer Ceramic Battery - A truly all solid state, rechargeable, non-flammable, lithium ion battery. Highly unique new battery with solid state cathode, anode and lithium ion conducting ceramic electrolyte, that shows promise to be transformational in terms of cell structure, high temperature use, zero volt capability, charging voltage conditions and safety.