Multi Layer Ceramics - Breakthrough Technology


Multi Layer Experiments - Co-Fire


MLCB Basis Ceramic Structure


MLCB Unique Battery Properties


MLCB structure enables various chemistries


MLCB TriLayer vs MultiLayer Chip Format


MLCB General Property Range


MLCB TriLayer vs MultiLayer of similar footprint (voltage/discharge)


MLCB - TriLayer Efficiency 100+ Cycles


MLCB - MultiLayer Efficiency 25+ Cycles


MLCB Discharge Curves


MLCB Discharge Curves of Different Rates


Example TriLayer Charge / Discharge Curves


MLCB - High Temperature / Ambient Temperature Capabiltiy - 125C & 25C


Example MLCB Chip Charge / Discharge Curves @ 125C


MLCB Cycle Life Example - 215 cycles at 25 C


Early TriLayer Long Term Cycle Life - 1,400 cycles and counting


MLCB Potential Applications



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