Solvent-Based Binder Modifiers




Polymer Innovations offers a line of modifiers to improve the tape and slurry qualities of PVB Based Tape Casting. Typical Usage levels for the MW1010 & MW1020 additives is approximately 2-5% volume weight, but will vary depending on specific applications.







MW1010 is a specialty non-hazardous granulated resin additive which increases the ability to laminate tapes produced with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) tape casting binders. PVB tapes traditionally do not easily tack to themselves under mild conditions such as those during multilayer bar building. The use of MW1010 increases the ability to stick layers to themselves very quickly, even under mild heat and pressure conditions, making it an ideal additive for manufacturing multilayer ceramic components. Testing of MW1010 modified PVB tapes have actually shown tacking performance similar to that of acrylic tape casting binders or better, which was previously unheard of.






MW1020 is a specialty non-hazardous liquid additive which increases the ability to laminate polyvinyl butyral (PVB) based tape casting binders. PVB binders normally interact chemically with ceramics through hydroxyl groups on the backbone of the PVB molecule. Although these interactions help produce strong tape, excessive interactions can prevent mobility of the PVB molecules during lamination conditions. This can make PVB tapes very difficult to laminate or stack together, especially in cases where there are high PVB to ceramic interactions. Frequently these ceramics may be high in boron or other reactive ingredients. These PVB to Ceramic interactions even occur in slurry and can cause viscosity ageing issues or even slurry gelation. The use of MW1020 and/or MW1010 resin can help reduce the PVB to ceramic interactions, and in doing so can increase the ability to stack and laminate PVB tapes in addition to help decrease gelation and slurry ageing problems. The particular ceramic being used will dictate whether it is better to use MW1010 or MW1020. PVB to ceramic interactions can be complicated so it is usually best to try both of theses materials to see which is the most effective for your particular application.




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PL029 is a non-phthalate, REACH compliant and non-hazardous liquid additive for solvent based polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and certain acrylic tape casting binders, and is very useful for replacing restricted phthalate plasticizers. Plasticizer efficiency and volatility is similar or slightly better than other common phthalate plasticizers, and PL029 will burn out cleanly in reducing and oxidizing atmospheres. PL029 is our answer for the REACH approved DOP/BBP direct replacement issue facing manufacturers around the world. Using this product will result in a ceramic tape that is softer and easier to laminate, and should be implemented in a 1:1 ratio when replacing DOP/BBP then fine tuned based on the results.