WB4101 Process Videos: Thick Casting Slurry Prep



Polymer Innovations, Inc. (PII) and its personnel have acquired decades of experience in tape casting formulation and ceramic processing, and gathered enormous experience regarding WB4101 and its capabilities and performance characteristics. In this series of videos we outline the procedure for processing slurry to cast thick tape using our TK004 & TK005 Thickening Additives. These additives will allow you to cast tape which is several hundred microns thick if used properly.


High Shear Slurry Processing Video, Part 2:



This video shows the technique used for adding our TK004 thickening additive to a pre-batched mixture of WB4101, De-Ionized Water, Powder, DF001 & DF002 Defoamers and PL005 Plasticizer. The TK004 Thickening Additive is added to the slurry S L O W L Y with the high shear mixer running around 2,000 RPM. As more of the TK004 is added to the slurry, the RPM of the mixer must be increased to compensate for rising viscosity. In addition, a detailed presentation on Water Based THICK Tape Casting can be found HERE.



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