Water Based Binder Systems



Polymer Innovations manufactures some of the highest performing Tape Casting Binders on the market which are water based making them safer, easier to work with and environmentally friendly.





World's Highest Performance Water Based Tape Casting Binder: WB4101

• Unique - Like no other Tape Casting Binder

• Not an Emulsion

• Water Based tapes offer better Lamination, Strength and Higher Green Density than most binders

• No VOCs and Non-Flammable

• Excellent Thin & Thick Film Casting (2 microns to > 1mm)

• Proven to Outperform Solvent Based binders with most powders

• Chemically a very strong dispersant and binder – our acrylic polymer is the perfect combination of strong dispersing molecule and strong binding molecule

• Scrap tape can be reworked into slurry, but dried tape is water resistant

• Professional Product Support & Technical Assistance




Some Important Considerations:


• Should not be used with traditional dispersants - PII has developed a set of specialized additives that have been custom-tailored for compatibility with the Water Based Binder System

• Some or all of the WB4101 should be present during the milling phases

• WB4101 should not be just mixed in during stage 2 - some milling is required (WB4101 is a strong dispersant so competition for ceramic surface can result in non-optimum dispersion)



For More Information on WB4101, click HERE.





Polymer Innovations Water Based Binders






At 35% solids (28% polymer + 7% plasticizer), WB4101 is our most popular binder and is typically used with our DF002 defoamer. Our other various additives allow our WB4101 to adapt to a wide variety of powders types and desired tape characteristics. WB4101 consistently outperforms popular solvent based binder systems and produces a flexible tape that is easy to handle and laminates very well. The WB series binders also have inherent dispersing characteristics, so typically 25-50% of the total binder content should be included in the grinding stage. Typical weight % level in slip formulation is 10-30%. For more specific tape casting suggestions, please see our Tape Formulation Guide, the Demonstration Kit, and remember Polymer Innovations offers Customized Formulation Services for rapid implementation and/or tape optimization.





Based on the same polymer used in WB4101, -67 is a new binder formulated with ~27% solids and ZERO added plasticizer. It was designed to produce stiffer tapes that still laminate well. This binder works great for any application that requires more robust tape characteristics such as increased tape thickness and/or machining during the 'green' phase. Typical weight % level in slip formulation is 10-30%.





Very similar to WB4101 (same polymer type) but with a lower amount of the same plasticizer used in WB4101. This binder is useful for making slightly stiffer and harder tapes compared to WB4101. Binder solids are 35% (30% polymer + 5% plasticizer). Typical weight % level in slip formulation is 10-30%.






WB40B-53 uses the same polymer type as all other WB binders but with zero plasticizer or any of the extra components used in -67. This binder is useful for making very stiff tapes and extra thick (100+ micron) tapes. The absence of plasticizer seems to make tapes which are less sensitive to drying-induced crack defects when casting thick. -53 is 26% polymer and 0% plasticizer, also see TK additives for casting thick. Typical weight % level in slip formulation is 10-30%.





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